About mamafit®

We offer a wide range of different classes suitable for all fitness and experience levels; whether you are a regular exerciser or a complete beginner!

Classes are delivered in fun and friendly environments perfect for getting fit while making new friends 

We work in partnership with local NHS hospitals, midwifery services, public health teams, clinical commissioning groups, children’s centres and sports development teams helping to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of families across the UK, through the delivery of high quality physical activity & lifestyle courses and fitness classes.

The mamafit® programme adheres to current NHS, CMO and NICE guidelines around physical activity; ensuring new & expectant mums receive up to date advice and exercise safely during pregnancy and postnatally, once baby is born.

mamafit® Aims

  • To support pregnant women to stay active and feel good throughout pregnancy; helping to give baby the best start in life.
  • To support new mums to be healthy and begin exercising after having a baby.
  • To provide fun, friendly and safe environments for pregnant women, mums and families to exercise and be active.
  • To help individuals and families connect with each other; forming friendships and support networks.
  • To inspire a generation.
  • To help tackle health issues affecting local families including obesity, inactivity, social isolation and mental health issues.

What activities are on offer?

We have a range of activities on offer including:

Pregnancy physical activity & lifestyle courses

Mums & Baby physical activity and lifestyle courses

Buggy running

Family fitness

Outdoor circuit


Indoor pregnancy and mum & baby workouts

Online fitness

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What do Mums say about mamafit®

I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, however, did not have to start on medication and believe one of the reasons was due to starting this class.

This class also reduced my SPD pain to practically vanish through safe strengthening of the appropriate muscles.

Rob is an amazing teacher who encourages you to maintain fitness in pregnancy and it really is for everyone!

Such a welcoming, relaxed environment where you still work hard!


It's been great to be able to exercise alongside my two kids & other like-minded mums in the area; as well as be a part of something so positive & inclusive.

For anyone considering whether Mamafit is for them, do not hesitate! Fun, family friendly & suitable for ALL fitness levels. The easy way to make new friends whilst keeping active.

Rob & his team provide the perfect solution to staying fit & healthy as a family - whatever shape or size that may come in!


I've just taken part in the Mamafit Mother & Baby course and would highly recommend it.

Rob is really knowledgeable and provides you with safe and effective exercises to ease you back into fitness after pregnancy along with healthy eating advice.

It was great to get handouts from the sessions covering the exercises shown in class.

You can also take your little ones along meaning classes are accessible for all Mums without having to find childcare.

I'm looking forward to attending more sessions in future.


I can’t recommend Mamafit highly enough!

I’m now at the end of my mat leave and heading back to work, fitter than when I left thanks to Mamafit!

I grossly underestimated the impact of pregnancy on my body, not only had I gained a lot of weight, my strength had disappeared too.

I started with the Mamafit GO class then moved up to GO+ and later started the HIIT class.

The Trainer is really supportive and always full of encouragement and I’ve made some lovely mummy friends too.


Where can I find out more?

You can view and book Mamafit courses & classes


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